There is no more suitable fruit for the burning summer than the red Melon goddess, the star that quenches our thirst and delights our scent and taste buds with his fresh flavor and taste of a unmistakable sweetness. So refreshing and delicious is that it's greater sin to stand unate… The writer Mark Twain said about this fruit that "is a luxury product of this world. When you taste it, you can tell what the angels eat. "


Apart from these indisputable nutritional benefits, the research carried out in the last decade revealed numerous beneficial effects of the consumption of watermelon on health. Thus, the extremely low fat and cholesterol content and the increased level of antioxidants (Lycopena) in the melon make this fruit an ally of hope in the fight with free radicals, thereby protecting the blood vessels and preventing the thickening of the walls Arterial. The consumption of melon helps relieve the pain caused by osteolitis and allows greater flexibility of the limbs.


Red Melon is an excellent source of nutrients and skin. There are many red melon-based cosmetic treatments that will make your skin soft and shiny, and this effect is due to the rich water content of the red melon (over 90%). Thus, the red melon is ideal for moisturizing the dry skin, gently exfoliates the leather and stimulates the production of collagen, conferring firmness to the skin.