Gheorghe DoJa Agricola is a cooperative of Grade 2, founded in April 2013, based on law 566/2004 and has as main activity the high trade of fruits and vegetables. As is apparent from the name of the cooperative, it has its registered office in COM. Gheorghe DoJa, Jud. Ialomita, the second production basin in the country, for the culture of green and yellow melons, after the Dabuleni.

This cooperative was founded by 5 founding members, which represents the minimum of founding members, which the law provides.


Gheorghe DoJa Agricultural Cooperative

Str. Ravarte, No. 1a, Com. Gheorghe DoJa, Jud. Ialomita
President: Ion Florin –0764 563 074e
conomist: Carsuiu Ionel –0759 017 200ema
il addresses:,,,

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