From the very beginning, the purpose of this form of association was to be able to harness our production more easily and in the networks of hypermarkets and also to access the European funds that our country benefits from today.

Thus following the submission to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in June 2013, a project of recognition as a group of producers and a well structured business plan for 4 years, at 01/07/2013 I obtained the acknowledgement of recognition that gives the status The group of manufacturers recognized preliminary No. 208/01.07.2013, which is according to the order of the Madr No. 694/2008, amended and supplemented, a financial support amounting to 75% of the investments made and stipulated in the Business Plan presented to Project and a percentage of 10% of the value of the production marketed by the cooperative members.

Through this project we are currently engaged in, we must make total investments in the approximate amount of 1.2 million lei.